Out With the Cold in With the New

Yippe!! Hooray!! What a time to be alive!

Another day older means you are another year wiser.

Well, at least that’s how the saying goes.

Spring is the time of year all of the flowers bloom and babies are born. Heck even I was born around this time of year! The air is warmer and moods are happier (or at least more content). I love the feeling of hope i get during the warmer seasons. People are planning get-togethers simply to enjoy the weather with each other.

That being said, this past weekend, as we all know was Memorial Day weekend. I had a surprise visit from my family and we went to the Cincinnati zoo. Now do I have my reservations about peering inquisitively at exotic animals captured from their  surroundings and forced to stay in a tiny glass cage that simulates their natural habitat, yes. But, in another sense I also admire the effort that zoos put in showcasing what the world has to offer. Some of us aren’t as lucky as other to travel the world exploring the jungle or going on an African safari. Now I won’t go off and knock those two items off my bucket list just because I went to the zoo, but I do enjoy the education we are provided at $17 a ticket.

Each year I have noticed that many people use Memorial Day to kick off their summer. It’s usually the first grill out/ pool party for most families. It really sets the tone for the regions who just thawed out and want to get their heatwave on. Even though my family didn’t grill out but rather took an excursion through the zoo, I found that fitting for us.

I love to travel. My passion is where my heart leads me and my heart won’t rest until it has seen and experienced everything it can handle. A trip to the zoo can really trigger that travel bug that resides in me. It allows me to channel my inner Steve Erwin/ Jeff Corwin, if you will.

This is the time I want to introduce a promise I made myself. This is my travel blog. This is where I will record my travels inspired by little outings like my zoo trip. If you are intrigued by travel and want to follow me on my explorations, please stay tuned in.


Baby Steps…Baby’s Breath


So… I would like some book recommendations for growing indoor herb gardens. If anyone has any favorites send that book title my way so I can be on your level!! I already have a few in mind I’m looking to purchase but any extra input is valued!



Introduction: Randa Flowers

Hello every body!! My name is Randa Flowers and I am reporting to you today from my Bird’s Nest!

I am a new gardener who is finding her green thumb. My goal is to obtain a  garden that has truly organic plants so I can pick fresh items to eat at my convenience. Since you are reading this I want to let you know… I will be specializing in edible flowers!! I will be blogging my progress so I can show you how to do the same!! I am ultimately doing this for my fellow human beings can see how much better your life will be without the use of pesticides in the foods that we consume. Not to mention how pretty flowers make your food look! Who doesn’t want to eat pretty food?

Now, since I am new, I do not know everything about gardening. With this being said, I am totally open to friendly advice and constructive criticism. This is also a learning journey for me as well as you! Please feel free to comment on my entries and let me know what you think and if there is any type of information I need to know about it. Don’t worry I will be doing my research as well so you won’t have to check my work too often. 😉

Thank you so much for stopping by! Please be sure to check in on me every so often. Also, take look at my excerpt for additional information for my blog.

Happy growing!!